Released Febuary 2014

In today's intersecting world of Medicine and Law, understanding legal and ethical issues is an important part of daily life for all of us.

Whether a medical or legal practitioner or a student, a patient or family member, everyone is impacted today by both medical, legal, and ethical concerns. This book is the resource we all need.


Physicians and medical students need to understand the concepts of medical jurisprudence, medical ethics, informed consent, informed refusal, the privilege of confidentiality, issues of malpractice, fundamentals of court testimony, courtroom proceedings, depositions, interrogatories, contracts, and more…

Attorneys and law students must be aware of the concept of medical jurisprudence and medical ethics, as well as the rights and privileges of patients based upon the concept of Bioethics as first enumerated in 1980’s.

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and the corresponding students, require the same knowledge and understanding of the issues confronting hospitals and clinics, patients and physicians, as well as understanding their responsibilities with regard to the provision of health care.

Hospital and Clinic Staff should have an understanding of patient rights and privileges, and well as an understanding of the ethics of providing health care.
Patients benefit from knowing the issues of informed consent, informed refusal, the bioethical components of self-determination and control over their own bodies, and their privilege of confidentiality and access to their medical records

Dr. David Goldman has taken that which can be so very complex and written it so that it is readily understandable for all. From study guide to textbook, from resource to interesting reading, THE GOLDMAN GUIDE TO PSYCHIATRY is a welcomed addition to every home, school, and office library.